Self Access Centre

Atılım University established the Self-Access Centre in order to give the university students the opportunity to work outside of the teaching environment. In this way they can learn how to study independently and so become more effective learners. By gaining control over the learning process the students will improve their studies both in the Preparatory School and in their Departments. With these aims, the Self-Access Centre provides expert help should the students require assistance in mastering either the technology or study materials while not interfering with those who are happier to work alone.

The Self–Access Centre has facilities such as Learning Centres and Computer-Assisted Language Laboratories. The Learning Centre provides materials for students in order to assist them in learning autonomously, so they can use dictionaries, grammar and reference books, readers and supplementary materials which they can borrow for personal photocopying. In order to enhance students’ classroom learning in a multimedia environment, CALL provides computerized learning materials, programmes to practice the major skills and lists of web addresses. Students can practice language with web-based materials and the collection of ELT and training literature, tapes, videos and software. Students are allowed to use the internet, the printer and the scanner for their studies. They can also visit the centre during the breaks to check their e-mails and surf the web.
Use of the Centre has steadily increased and it is now regarded as an essential part of students’ extracurricular activities and their studies. Having in mind the idea that using the Centre in order to learn independently motivates the students, our intention is to make more improvements in the Centre for them and to incorporate familiarization sessions into the Preparatory School programme in order to make sure that the students are able to make optimum use of this resource throughout their university careers.

Location and Working Hours
Our SAC is located on the entrance floor of preparatory school for the easy access of our students.
It is open from 09:00 to 17:30 on weekdays.

Facilities You May Make Use Of In The Self Access Centre

The Staff In The SAC
There are two personnel working in the centre; the administrative staff Mevlüt Ercan and the language instructor Sibel Özdemir, who are responsible for the proper running of the centre to meet your academic needs and provide you with a relaxed, cosy atmosphere for a high level of success alone or your friends.

You may reach us by e-mail , or phone 0312 586 84 69.

  • Reading and Listening Room
  • Internet Connected Language Laboratory
  • Reading For Pleasure (graded readers from levels 1 to 7;simplified classics; advanced level stories and novels; stories with cassettes; story CDs)
  • Reference Books and Dictionaries (grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking books, monolingual and bilingual dictionaries of general English, specific bilingual dictionaries such as dictionaries of phrasal verbs, idioms, and thesaurus, course books used in the preparatory school, a variety of course books and workbooks at different levels for the use of both the students and the instructors)
  • Smple Exams & Exercises (Weekly quizzes, Mid-term and Proficiency exams and extra exercises)
  • Help From The Language Instructor When Needed
  • Tutoring On A Planned Basis To Strengthen Weak Points
  • Ask For Help From The Administrative Personnel