Dear Students,
In the modern world, English is the language used in international communication. As the mission of Atılım University is to prepare its students to function in their chosen fields not only within Turkey's national boundaries but also in the international arena, the university decided that using English as the language of instruction would be the best way to provide them with a competitive advantage in the market.

The Preparatory School plays an essential role in this process by providing the students with the language ability required to function at the appropriate level in their faculty departments. That is the students will have mastered the four skills of reading and writing, listening and speaking by the time they complete their Preparatory School studies successfully. To achieve this our highly qualified instructors, carefully designed programmes, course system, modern instruments including CDs, OHPs, video players and cameras, self access centre equipped with computers plus a psychological counselling centre will be
at your service. On behalf of the entire Preparatory School staff I give you a warm welcome and wish you success and good luck and promise to support you in every way as you commit yourself to fulfilling your potential.

Assist.Prof.Dr. Abdullah ERTAŞ