Testing Unit

The testing Unit has been established to evaluate and design assessment procedures, with the primary focus being on classroom-based assessment. Its mission is to accurately assess all learners of Preparatory School of Atılım University in all proposed objectives by designing, validating, administering the tests and to evaluate the students’ competence that has been prescribed at specified grade levels.

The Proficiency Exam which is administered four times a year (including Summer School) is designed, administered and evaluated by the Testing Unit to test the students’ global competence in English. Its result determines whether a student is able to carry out his / her academic studies at Atılım University or not. Those students who fail the Proficiency Exam are to sit the placement exam the purpose of which is to place the students into a particular level of the Preparatory School of Atılım University.

In the Preparatory School students are given quizzes and two achievement tests during each course in order to observe and evaluate their continuous progress. At the end of each course students’ continuous assessment grades determine their passing from one level to the next. Students in all courses at any one level sit the same quizzes and achievement tests to achieve the standard and keep to the curriculum objectives of the Preparatory School. All the tests are produced and administered by a group of experienced instructors in testing.