Writing Unit

Compared to the other skills, writing is a difficult one to acquire as it incorporates lower level language skills such as structure, grammar and vocabulary and higher level language skills such as thinking and evaluating, classifying, organizing and synthesizing information. Writing is a complicated but challenging process. So while preparing the syllabus, the writing component must be considered with utmost care.

In our school, to create an effective programme, the writing syllabus takes its place as a separate component in the curriculum.

Each class has four writing lessons in a week. For the first two hours the topic of the week which is based on the materials and sometimes the book is covered. The third hour is the practice hour. In the last hour, students get their writing task paper which they take under the invigilation of their own writing teacher. Students have to write about the given task and finish the activity in fifty minutes. Then, the tasks are given to the teacher to be evaluated. After the tasks are evaluated, they are given to the students to be corrected.  The writing process follows these steps: writing a first draft, having the teacher evaluate, editing and rewriting or redrafting.. Their writing grades affect 10 % of their overall grades at the end of the term. To catch up with the program, students have to attend all the lessons. If they miss even a class, they may fail to write the about the task fully and correctly in the last hour. For each class, students have to bring their dictionaries.  Students of all levels should keep a file. In this file, they keep their weekly materials and tasks.

Writing teachers are also in contact with grammar teachers. They inform the main course teachers about the common mistakes. As for students, they approach their writing classes with a more responsible attitude as their papers are evaluated. They become more focused, pay more attention and learn to meet deadlines.