Writing Unit

Compared to the other skills, writing is a difficult one to acquire as it incorporates lower level language skills such as structure, grammar and vocabulary and higher level language skills such as thinking and evaluating, classifying, organising and synthesising information. Writing is a complicated but challenging process. So while preparing the syllabus, the writing component must be considered with utmost care.


Our targeted goals are:

  • To write a paragraph using suitable and correct structure.
  • To write a well-planned composition
  • To do writing studies by analyzing the given texts and by using the correct organisation, context, vocabulary and rules.


B and A Levels  have three hours of academic writing lessons in a week. In the 3 hours given for writing lessons, a paragraph or essay in books or extra materials are covered and a sample is practised in the class. There isn’t a specific time allocated for academic writing in D and C level.At the end of the week whichever topic is covered, students are given a writing test on that paragraph or essay. Writing grades constitute 10 % of students’ overall grades at the end of the term.