Proficiency and Placement Examinations

During registration the students enter Placement Test and those placed in Level A are entitled to take Proficiency Exam given at the beginning of Academic Year.

Students who prove successful on the Proficiency Examination (a minimum grade of 60 for all departments except English Language and Literature and Translation and Interpretation Departments which require a minimum grade of 65) and those who present the evidence of success on nationally and internationally accepted Exams (YDS 80, TOEFL 75 (minimum 20 in Writing)(IBT),  537+4 (TWE) (Paper Based), IELTS Academic 6.0 (minimum 5.0 in all sections),for students of undegraduate programs and YDS 85, TOEFL 79 (minimum 20 in writing)(IBT), TOEFL 550+4(TWE) (Paper based), IELTS Academic 6.5 (5.5 from all sections) for students of English Language and Literature and Translation and Interpretation Departments) begin their faculty studies. Based on Resolution of the University Senate dated 21.05.2010 and numbered 10/55, only results achieved from the TOEFL exam taken at Turkish-American Association and University Test Centers and directly sent by ETS are acceptable.

Those who do not demonstrate the aforementioned language proficiency  start English at Preparatory School in Level A  based on their Placement result. There are four levels, D(Starter), C (Elementary), B(Pre-intermediate) and A(Intermediate). A one week grace period is maintained for students to change levels at instructor and administration discretion. This insures that all students study at the level most appropriate for them thus allowing progress to occur more readily.

Sample Proficiency Exam